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The following CAD/CAM milling machines are used in our laboratories:

CORiTEC 550i

A woldwide known machine, produced by the German company imes-icor, a high performance solution for the production of dentistry. CORiTEC 550i-a is a high-performance machine designed for both dry and wet processing of all basic materials used in dentistry ( ZrO2, AlO2, LS2 Wax, PMMA, CoCr, Ti). It is equipped with a new system of five axes, which, combined with high-precision of massive granite base guarantees the highest level of smoothness in operation, which allows to produce the whole range of milled products with micron accuracy.

The range of milled products includes:
  • Crowns and Pontiks for lining under ceramics
  • Crowns and Pontics, anatomical
  • Inlay / Onlay and polukoronki
  • Veneers
  • Copings (pin)
  • Individual abutments
  • Bridges to screw fixation
  • Beam design
  • Primary telescopic crowns

Roland DWX-50

The compact DWX-50 combines 5-axis simultaneous machining capability and a five-station automatic tool changer to deliver advanced features at a very affordable price point. Designed specifically for dental labs and technicians, the user-friendly DWX-50 allows for clean, quiet operation and the quality production of complex dental arches, abutments, bridges, copings and crowns from zirconia, wax and PMMA. Equipped with an integrated air blower and dust collection system, the DWX-50 ensures protection of moving parts while maintaining a clean, safe environment. Built on open technology, the DWX-50 supports a wide range of industry standard CAD/CAM software and tools, allowing for easy integration with popular commercially available dental prosthetic production solutions.

  • Zirconia Milling Machine
  • Five-station automatic tool changer with tool length sensor
  • Diagnostic notification system alerts user of machine status
  • 5 axis dental milling machine capable of 5-axis simultaneous machining to achieve complex cuts
  • Mills wax, zirconia, and PMMA with precision
  • Diamond-Coated Tools Now Available
  • Built-in dust collection tray for easy connection to any vacuum system
  • Air blower system to aid difficult to machine materials
  • Ideal for creation of copings, crowns, bridges and abutments